All I had to do was change my WordPress theme, and suddenly the backside of WordPress is making some kind of sense. Don’t get me wrong: I’m still floundering. But I’m able to post, add pages, and I’m working on adding/configuring Widgets.

Dear Reader:

Vicki is driving in to Jackson to visit the dentist today, and do the grocery shopping at Safeway, so Pete and I will stay home to baby-sit little Otto. Super easy. He settles down in his crate to hang out once his initial freakout is over. He just needs kind words and a little cuddle now and then, like everybody else.

Pete and I were at Mazda of Elk Grove ALL DAY yesterday getting a 40,000 mile service. The whole thing took longer and cost more than I anticipated; we needed stuff that cars typically need after time and wear: new battery, new tires, clean brake fluid, etc. The Mazda is a solid car, but one day, I should get a truck…I need one sometimes. Too infrequently to rush into it. I looked at trucks yesterday as Pete and I walked the perimeter of the automall (three times) to pass the time. And we learned that trucks are hella expensive.

All that sidewalk walkin’ got to my shins and hips, so I’m taking it easy today.

Taking it easy means mostly inside work:

  • I’ll go outside a few times to throw the ball for Pete, and tend to the chickens.
  • More work in the sunroom today, getting that room ready for this year’s seed-starting operation…my friend, Karen is already into it, with new seeds well underway, but the Farmers Alamanac assures me that I am on track.
  • I have three different quilt projects that need my attention.
  • I’m in the middle of making Sister Pie’s Apple Cheddar Rye Hand Pie — made the crust on Sunday, so it’s ready to roll out and fill today. I might post the pie project on Instagram later, after I’ve completed and documented all of the steps.
  • I want to play with my watercolor paints later, part of the Happy Birthday Project 2022.
  • When I am sick to death of sitting, I’ll fill a tarp of the leaves that Vicki raked into piles yesterday, and drag them down to a burn pile.

Have a good day, Reader.