Chicken Sequence

In February 2022, I started a game on my Instagram Story called Chicken Sequence, where players guessed the color order of the chickens as they descended from their little house each morning. Although there are only eight chickens in four colors, it was surprisingly hard to guess! But we had winners, and I had to decide what the winners would receive. One winner, Jen Jacques said, “There are prizes? I was just in it for the glory.”

I started painting chicken watercolors, incorporating an interesting saying. The only real variation in layout and style was for Shana’s second win (because her name inspires me and reminds me of all of my former lovely Thai students).

I had fun coming up with variations on a theme. I have two commissions to paint, and would accept more, if any of you nice readers would like a chicken painting without the pressure of having to guess the sequence. We’re not doing that right now anyway. Too much garden work, bee preparation, and botanical drawing to work on!

I’ve always loved art — the first Lent that I ever participated in, I gave up my crayons and it was HELL — but I’ve never taken a drawing or painting class, so I’m just messing around, learning as I go, and making mistakes.

Chicken Sequence winners: Jaelyn Jurado, Paula Hackett, Shana Rungsarangnont (two wins), Greg Baker (two wins), Jeremiah Simpson (two wins), Jen Jacques, and Jirote Jiyacharoen.
Lots of people played! I felt connected to so many friends living on the southern end of our big state.

To understand just one life, you have to swallow the world.

salman rushdie

Hub Cap Art

Google it. This is a thing. Last winter, when the dry wall guys were making so much noise and dust, and it was just too cold to be outside in the weather, Pete and I drove up to El Dorado National Forest to check things out. On the way, I drove past a property with a long fence, with interesting, colorful painted hub caps hanging at regular intervals. I knew instantly that I wanted to do the same.

I was talking about it with Karen on one of our walks, and a few days later, we found a hub cap along the side of the road. This started the Hub Cap Art project, and it is ongoing. If you are inspired to create one, come up to visit and bring it to me, and I will definitely hang it on my fence. Or if you can’t come, get in touch with me and we’ll get your hub cap to Maddy — she will bring it up on her next visit.

The first guest hub caps were created by Itzel and Nayari Vasquez, and they are hanging on the fence.

Itzel, playing with our RPDR theme
Nayari, “When Pigs Fly”
Maddy created one using blue tape and spray paint to make these bold stripes

I have one in progress, sort of a mandala idea, and another one that I plan to paint with sunflowers. Stay tuned.

It’s a long fence, and there’s plenty of room, so if you feel inspired to make one, I welcome it!