My friend Karen suggested that I make a backward “To-Do” list so I can see all of the changes I’ve made to this place. It’s a good idea. Actually, the desire to go back and record what has happened is getting in the way of recording today, so I’ll use the home page blog to move along in real time, and reserve this page for a look back at the first 15 months.

October 2020First order of business: find a friend, and give him a better name.

Pete, formerly known as “Spade,” has a brother named “Black Jack” with more dalmatian in the face. He is the one who initially caught my eye. A couple already had dibs on Black Jack, so I drove in to Sonora to meet Spade.

Both puppy-boys ended up getting adopted right out of the parking lot of FOAC in Sonora; they never spent a night in the shelter. The woman who drove the dogs in had a dalmatian with her in the cab of the truck, who she said was the daddy. When I asked about their mom, she said, “We don’t know who the mom is.”

Say what?

Pete and I left that sketchy story and his stupid name behind and drove away. I was so new to the area that I got lost, which is actually hard to do if you’re using your brain instead of relying on GPS navigation. The navigation droid told me to turn right on Ridge Road, and from there we got thoroughly lost. Poor Pete. Stuck in a crate in the back of a car with a woman he doesn’t know, who’s talking to herself and cursing, driving down a long, narrow, bumpy dirt road.