Vince’s Sobriety Pie 2022 — celebrating four years of sobriety with berries and plums
I burned a loaf of bread watching the worst Snatch Game in Drag Race history.
The Season 14 Queens really stunk it up, and with the exception of one,
they ALL were up for elimination in a lip sync smack down.
Lesson Learned: do not bake bread during Drag Race.
If you smell something burning, it might not be shame and embarrassment.

Happy birthday, Maddy!

We call this a Minnie Mouse cake. New Recipes from the Moosewood Restaurant Cookbook calls it “Perfect Chocolate Cake.” It’s one of those cakes that actually gets better with time.

When Maddy was little, when I was married — I really didn’t know how to cook. Maddy’s interest and mastery gradually spurred mine, and with an explosion of beautiful new cookbooks and cooking resources that include blogs, podcasts, Netflix shows, YouTube videos, a dedicated cable network, social media posts — and of course, Evan Kleiman’s Good Food on KCRW, anyone can learn to cook. preserve, dehydrate, and ferment. Having a Master Food Preserver as a friend and neighbor is a bonus!